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Manufacturing Services in Western Canada

Trans Peace Construction (1987) Ltd., is committed to the highest standards possible in its manufacturing processes ensuring that each product manufactured meets all provincial safety standards. We have been manufacturing products in Western Canada for over 32 years.

Some of our features include:

One of the first companies to utilize polyurethane injected panels in the oil and gas industry, we manufacture the Tran Panel urethane panel system at our Clairmont facility.

We offer a complete line of panel types, sizes and finishes, including galvanized, galvalume and pre-painted steel, as well as aluminum and other types.

The system includes a complete line of in-stock extruded aluminum channels to complement every project.

With fully functional sheet metal shops in Clairmont and Fort St. John we can provide custom metal work for many requirements.

We manufacture high density pipeline pillows.

We manufacture small- to mid-size self-framing buildings as well as panels and components for repairs, extensions, and damages.

New urethane panel manufacturing equipment. New QC/QA Program and controls in 2014 !

We have instituted a preventative maintenance program to ensure that our equipment and tools are in safe, good working condition.

Pipeline pillows: We manufacture high-density pipeline pillows.

Click here to see the brochure about pipeline pillows.

Custom high

Supply and Install

 We ship anywhere. Experienced installers for our manufactured products are always available.


Tran Panel Urethane Panels

Uses for our polyurethane injected panels are limitless. In addition to the popular uses as buildings and utilidors, we have used them as insulated ductwork, barns, fishing huts, walk-in and portable coolers, portable site fabrication facilities, cargo trailers, cistern and sewer tank covers, partition walls, kiosks, and the list goes on....

Panels are 47" wide, any length to 14'

Light and strong, 1.5" panel has an insulating value of R12.

Resistant to rodents, unaffected by most liquids, including water and oil.

Cut with an ordinary circular saw.



We manufacture standard self-framing buildings in limited sizes, complete with all components.

We can manufacture replacement panels, channels, and trims to match most buildings for repairs, alteration, and additions.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fully functional shops in Clairmont and Fort St. John with sheet metal brakes and forming machines.

Good inventory of galvanized, galvalume, pre-painted, and aluminum sheet for custom requirements.

Stainless steel available.


Light Steel Fabrication

 Shop welding available for building skids, building components, miscellaneous light fabrication.

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