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Insulation Services in Western Canada

Need insulation installation services in Western Canada? Trans Peace Construction (1987) Ltd., has you covered. We supply and install every common type of insulation for piping, vessels, tanks and equipment.

High temperature, acoustic, refrigeration and everything in between. We have the materials and experienced people to complete your project.

Fiberglass, mineral fibre, foam glass, urethane, styrene, calcium silicate, and closed cell foam are some of the types offered.

Aluminum, stainless steel, polykraft all-service jacket, cloth and PVC are a partial list of some of the coverings we supply and install.

Pipeline pillows. We manufacture high density pipeline pillows.

We offer high temperature refractory products and modern aerogel insulations.

We have a complete line of banding, fastening and sealant products.

We supply and install stainless steel glycol tracing systems, with experienced crews for a trouble free, detailed and documented system.

We supply and install removable insulated covers for valves, flanges and other equipment.


Utilidors are often a cost-effective alternative to individual insulation and/or heat tracing of rack piping. Our Tran Panel polyurethane injected panels are an excellent alternative to individual insulation of piping, or as insulated enclosures around manifolds or irregular shaped equipment.

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